Get to know us

The history of TRANS ROTAM is the story of a family linked to road freight transport since the 70s. TRANS ROTAM was founded in 2009 by the sons of the Sevillian businessman Alfredo Sánchez Sánchez, a pioneer haulier specialising in commercial traffic with Morocco.

We are a young, modern and dynamic company, which combines the knowledge and experience of a lifetime linked to the transport sector, along with the necessary training adapted to the latest technologies, a great commitment to achieve full customer satisfaction, inherited from a lifetime of dedication to transport, and adaptation to all kinds of needs that they demand.

We are specialised in the transport of refrigerated goods to any point of our geography and international destinations, being our main route the traffic with Morocco. We have extensive facilities in our headquarters in Dos Hermanas, Seville, located in a strategic point of the National Road IV, in addition to our office in Tangier, Morocco, a key factor to expedite all procedures and ensure the highest quality to our customers.

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